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Local Legends

Secretly admiring your neighbors’ houses on a daily stroll never gets old. The Home Depot knows houses, so we'll mail actual letters to actual houses with undeniable curb appeal,

including a caretaker tip or two.

Layer 19.png
mail stack.png
Top Envalope.png
Safari Sanctuary Letter.png

We'll assure home enthusiasts that Home Depot will always be keeping the houses with gusto top-of-mind from letters to postcards to OOH's to Tiktok.

Letter Right Farm Chic.png
Letter Left Pan Perch.png
Postcard Back 1381.png
Subway OOH Mock.jpg

Let's encourage Tiktokers to nominate their #locallegends by sharing out some of our favorites.

Iphone Muchup 8bit (2).png

They can stitch our sound-byte, or use their own voice to knight their favorite houses. 

Iphone Mockup 3.png
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Leopard Coolidge.png
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