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Get lit. Stay lit.

Finishing one book makes kids 30x more likely to finish two more books. So B&N is going to peer pressure a bunch of kids into reading one gateway book.

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In California, when jonesing for a genre fix to burn through, we've got you covered with our gateway-book dispensary on wheels. To show our grat for getting lit, like most dispensaries, we'll throw in a free lit-holder for new customers. 

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Want To Pick Up?

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Lit Dispensary Menu

When you D.M. Barnes & Noble "stay lit" you'll get access to our current menu from your mobile phone, delivered from our mobile library. Categorized by a lit-scale, readers can measure the potency of the books they travel through. For example, edgy and extreme; or fiction and award-winning.

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The mobile dispenser will supply buyers with a B&N bookmark punch card to encourage readers to visit the store. 

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